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CD 106 - Type I, Mold G9.1

Color: Aqua and Green with Amber Swirls
Base Type: CDP:w


Features: Retooled CD 106 I, Mold 9; lettering is strengthened, now strong with triangular edges. On front, a die stamped mold number is added to the right of L logo. On reverse, the lower leg of S is larger. There is a very faint circle blot-out beneath 1, and a clearer smaller circle blot-out (or mold repair) above DE; U.S.A. is enlarged and new periods added; the old periods are still visible (see below), but the old Gayner mold number is no longer visible.

Mold Number Location: On reverse beneath the left edge of E.

Arrows mark the original periods.

Comparison of original CD 106 I, Mold G9 (left) and retooled I, Mold 9.1 (right)