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CD 106 - Type I, Mold G4.1

106 I, G4.1f
106 I, G4.1r
Color: Lt. Green Aqua
Base Type: CDP:w


Features: Retooled CD 106 I, Mold G4; lettering is strengthened, now strong with triangular edges. On front, a die stamped mold number is added to the right of L logo. The small vertical stroke to left to the left of the L logo is still clearly visible. On reverse, the original period after A is visible (see below). The original Gayner mold number beneath the upper part of D is mostly obliterated but traces are still visible.

Additional Information: Before retooling, this mold was also produced with a Type II crown top, CD 106 II Mold G4, one of the few proven examples of a Lynchburg mold's bottom two thirds being used with more than one crown mold (see comparison below).

Mold Number Location: On front to the right of L logo.

Lettering Images:

Arrow marks original period following A.

-compare versions-
Comparison of the three versions of CD 106 Mold G4, showing the use of different crown tops on the same mold: Left: Type I (I, Mold G4) with original lettering and Gayner-style "hat" crown; Center: Type II (II, Mold G4) with original lettering and later modified rounded crown; Right: Type I (I Mold G4.1) with retooled lettering but with original Gayner-style "hat" crown.