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Lynchburg Letter: W. H. Loyd to William Gayner

May 17, 1926

In this letter, Mr. Loyd recounts the sudden death of N. D. Eller, former president of Lynchburg Glass Corporation, as well as comments about ongoing attempts to sell the plant. Original was scanned and converted to text by Dennis Bratcher. A scan of the original letter is below.


Mr. J.Wm Gayner
29- 7th. St.,
Salem, N.J.


May 17, 1926.


Dear Mr. Gayner:

I have just heard this morning that Mr. Eller died suddenly yesterday afternoon about four o'clock and thought that you would be interested to know about it. He was feeling all right Saturday it seems and went to the movies that night and late in the night had an attack of accute [sic] indigestion. This did not last long but was repeated several times and Sunday afternoon while talking to a friend at his home he turned his head around and was dead before Mrs. Eller could reach him from another room.

Your machines are still here and I am having some trouble in getting these dealers here to come out and look at them. I have made several arrangements with Eichelbaum, which he did no keep. I will continue after him though if you want them sold out.

What are the chances of your returning here with Mr. Hayes' syndicate? I understand that they have approached you upon the subject. They extended their option on the plant for thirty days longer and I wonder what the outcome will be.

With kind regards for you and Mrs. Gayner, I am

Your truly.

[W. H. Loyd]