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Lynchburg CD 164

No. 38 Extra Deep Groove Double Petticoat
(also NO. 38-20)

CD 164, Telegraph, Low Voltage Power

Original Molds: Gayner

Number of molds known: 14

Mold Types: 1

Major Lettering Arrangements: 4

Lettering Variations: 6

Crown Lettering: No

Retooled molds: Yes

Base Types: CDP, RDP, NDP, SB

Number made: 658,993

Original Price 1924: $47.00 per 1,000; 4.7 cents each


Colors: Lt. Aqua, Aqua, Lt. Blue Aqua, Blue Aqua, Milky Lt. Aqua, Dk. Green Aqua, Lt. Green, Green, Lime Green, Apple Green, Sage Green, Yellow Green, Dk. Yellow Green, Olive Green, Dk. Olive Green, Green w/milk swirls


The CD 164 was made from reworked Gayner molds. The size and shape are fairly consistent in all of the molds. All lettering on the molds is hand engraved, with the exception of a few mold numbers that are die stamped. Original lettering was very weak, similar to the so-called "script" lettering of the CD 162, although of better quality with fewer errors. Several of the molds were retooled to strengthen the lettering; sometimes the mold number was enlarged.

Most of the original Lynchburg pieces were made with smooth base, while those made from molds later retooled by Lynchburg had both smooth base and drip points. There is one mold (Mold 4 and Mold 4.1) that retains the Gayner double style number, NO. 38-20. Another mold occurs with both the original Gayner NO. 38-20 style number (Mold 6) and later corrected to NO. 38 (Mold 6.1). Molds 13 and 14 share some unique features that were adopted from the original Gayner molds. It is possible that these two molds had already been reused and retooled by Gayner, although at this time there is no evidence beyond them being different than the other 12 molds.

There are CD 164 molds that occur without any front lettering (No Name), with GAYNER on the front, and with LYNCHBURG on the front, all with identical reverse lettering (see CD 164, Mold 12). This confirms a connection between Lynchburg and the No Name CD 164 No. 38-20 pieces. Since this is a Gayner mold, it is obvious that Lynchburg acquired the molds from Gayner. However, it is uncertain whether the No Name versions were made by Gayner or Lynchburg (see Gayner Insulators at Lynchburg?). It is possible that Lynchburg made some of the No Name pieces before retooling the molds with the Lynchburg name and adding MADE IN U.S.A. to produce the Lynchburg version. However, at this time there is no direct evidence to confirm that.

There are 14 numbered molds of CD 164, with several of those retooled once. Retooled molds are indicated by a decimal number after the mold number (5.1, 8.1, etc.). Numbers in [brackets] are confirmed but lack photos.

Mold 1 Mold 1.1 [Mold 2] Mold 2.1 Mold 3 [Mold 3.1] Mold 4 Mold 4.1 Mold 5 Mold 5.1
Mold 6 Mold 6.1 Mold 7 Mold 7.1 Mold 8 Mold 8.1 Mold 9 Mold 9.1 Mold 10 Mold 10.1
Mold 11 Mold 11.1 Mold 12 Mold 12.1 Mold 13 Mold 13.1 Mold 14      

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