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Birmingham CD 106

Birmingham CD 106

NO. 10 Pony

CD 106, Telephone

Original Molds: Lynchburg (?)

Number of molds known: (?)

Mold Types: 1

Major Lettering Arrangements: 1

Lettering Variations: 2 (?)

Crown Lettering: No

Retooled Molds: No

Base Types: CDP, RDP

Number made: unknown

Original Price: unknown


Colors: Clear w/Amber Tint (Straw), Clear w/Yellow tint, Smoky Clear w/Amber tint


[This page is not yet complete.]

A CD 106 of the same shape and clear-tinted color occurs with no lettering.

These have been found in both BIRMINGHAM and No Name versions along with LYNCHBURG CD 106 of the same color on the same lines. -1- One possibility is that they were made together by the same manufacturer.

Mold Numbers

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Additional Information


1. "You showed a Birmingham No. 10 (CD 106) in your Research Division (May 1969, page 22). I just traded for one of these plus an unembossed one. It looks exactly like the embossed one as far as size, color, and glass texture. They were from the same line. Bob Vangene, Minneapolis, sent them to me. He stated that the person giving them to him stated that there were also Lynchburgs of the same type of glass on the same line. Has anyone found out who manufactured these Birminghams? Earl N. Armbrust, Jr." "Letters to the Editor," in Crown Jewels of the Wire, April 1970, page 22; available at Letters to the Editor.

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